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Please read all the terms of this statement carefully before you use this website. Once you use this website, it means that you unconditionally accept this statement, and you shall comply with this statement and regulations of applicable laws.

The copyright of this website is owned by Beijing WKW.

The descriptions and images of Beijing WKW products in this website are provided by Beijing WKW and its subsidiaries.
The product information contained in this website is for information reference only. The information in this website can’t replace the information which you obtain from Beijing WKW and its subsidiaries. The information in this website is not legally binding.
The information contained in this website is as wide as possible. Beijing WKW Website reserves the right to change the model, configuration, technical parameters, validity, and any other information at any time without prior notice.

Issues Relating to Copyright, Industrial Property Right and Intellectual Property Right
The introduction and all contents of this website are protected by Chinese laws and regulations on industrial property right and intellectual property right including the copyright law, and related international laws. The information, texts, images or charts contained in this website are for your personal use only, and can’t be used for commercial purposes. Without written content of Beijing WKW Website, you can’t reproduce, modify, transfer and publish them in whole or in part, except for inspections conducted by government departments according to law.

The ownerships of all trademarks, logos and service marks appearing in this website belong to this website or a third party with legal rights. Without written content of this website or a third party, it is prohibited to use, permanently download, reproduce or distribute them in any way.

Exemption from Responsibility
For the convenience of your use, this website set up hyperlinks, which can be linked to completely separate Internet websites. Beijing WKW Website doesn’t declare or warrant the accuracy, integrity or authenticity of information from hyperlinks or other Internet websites, and is not liable for this. You will bear all risks which may arise from entering Internet websites linked to this website by yourself.
Beijing WKW Website expressly declares that we don’t bear any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or special loss arising from your access to or use of this website, including losses caused by virus affecting your computer equipment or relying on information obtained from this website.  
Although Beijing WKW Website tries its best to ensure the correctness and timeliness of all the information in this website, it can’t guarantee that such information is completely accurate and the latest. Beijing WKW Website doesn’t make any undertaking on the accuracy, integrity and authenticity of information in this website. It is not liable for delay, error and omission of information. This website and all information and materials in it are provided to you as per their original forms, and don’t contain any other representations or implications.

Right of Interpretation
The interpretation right of the contents in the above statement is owned by Beijing WKW Website. Beijing WKW Website reserves the right to update the contents of this statement at any time according to the business needs. Please visit this website to view the contents of current statement of this website every time you log in to this website. We encourage you to view our statement every time you visit web pages of Beijing WKW Website.

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